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An Inside Look at Imperial Plating Company


The first step in the production process is order entry, where all parts are entered into our computer data system and assigned individual work orders, job tickets, and job reports for traceability. Each order is then tagged for processing.


Parts that require a high luster or a satin finish may undergo polishing or buffing. This process enhances the base metal and results in a higher-quality end product for the customer. After polishing and buffing has been completed, all parts are degreased and inspected in preparation for plating.


Imperial offers both rack and barrel plating. If it's metal, we can plate it — everything from miniature electronic terminals to 14-foot channels, from automotive components to continuous hinges, and from precision hand tools to decorative point-of-purchase displays. Even more impressive. Imperial offers a variety of finishes needed for your application. To continue our ever-striving commitment to excellence. Imperial has invested in our employees through weekly and monthly incentive programs for all personnel. We have developed a training program designed to educate our employees in each specific area of their job.


Imperial is dedicated to quality and has developed an independent quality assurance program. Our specialists carefully examine your products at every stage of the production process to ensure that they meet your requirements. As a result, fewer than 1 percent of products finished in our plant each year are returned for reprocessing.
In order to provide you with the highest-quality product in.a timely manner. Imperial has implemented a check-and-balapce system that guarantees plant productivity and efficiency. Incentive bonuses are awarded each month to employees who go above and beyond in their efforts to achieve complete customer satisfaction.


Imperial is committed to protecting the environment through state-of-the-art chemistry, equipment and technology and a dedicated team of environmental health and safety specialists. These specialists are responsible for overseeing Imperial's compliance with all state and federal environmental regulations. In addition, we've taken the lead in protecting the environment through daily plant cleaning programs, waste reduction processes, water recycling and the development of pilot and research programs with Ondeo Nalco. What does this mean to you, our customer? Peace of mind knowing Imperial continues to invest in protecting the environment while controlling costs associated with production.


Our laboratory has the capability of running atomic absorption as well as destruct and non-destruct, thickness testing, and tank analysis on site. This enables our quality assurance team to ensure thickness certification.


Imperial has the ability to pick up your parts, process them during one of our three shifts, and deliver them back to you with an on-time service and delivery tracking system.
Before shipping, each product is examined for careful, neat and secure packaging so that your product arrives in perfect condition with a signed and approved inspection report.

We are committed to quality and committed to you. Find out why Imperial Plating is a leader in the surface finishing industry, and why many of our customers are customers for life. Call us today for a personalized review of the services we can offer for your operation.